See proof below... that
bones can be regrown

Three cancer bone Xrays on the page below are from patient of Dr Sodi Pallares that were taken from The Cancer Solution, a book Dr Willner wrote showing on how Dr. Budwig's Flaxseed and Cottage cheese diet cured cervical Cancer

Xray of pelvis below taken before flax seed and cottage cheese were used and pubic bone is barely seen and is almost entirely invisible due to the destruction of bone caused by the cancer.. note incredible changes in x-ray below to bones on image after non toxic therapy.. patient got her appetite back, she gained 5 pounds.. and.. therapy during the first 5 weeks were painless with no surgery

Cancer Xray

Xray of pelvis below was taken 5 weeks after the patient started using Dr. Budwig's diet to cure cancer with flaxseed and cottage cheese.. the pubic bones are clearly showing the regrowth of bone, halting of cancer process, the ischium is reforming and ilii (hip bones) show diminution of bone lysis and no honest sane physician would say that what is happening to the bones in xray is spontaneous remission

Cancer Xray

Xray of pelvis 11-30-1993 on the page below was after 3 months of using flax seeds, cottage cheese and the improvement was very dramatic and impressive as both the pubis and ischium are well defined and bone is growing back in 5 places in the ilii and the femurs (thigh bone) improved

Cancer Xray

Since x-rays above were taken, the tumors in patient's left breast had improved by 70% and those in the right breast reduced by 30%... In May 1994, Dr. Sodi Pallares said patient was in excellent condition and improving

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2 photos below shows before and after results a patient got from flax seeds reducing cancer growth on his neck below his ear

before-after pictures