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Clicking name above any of the 18 songwriters photos on page below will take you to their site page where you'll see personal information and you can hear 200+ Country, Gospel, Christmas songs they've wrote using lyrics siteowner Glenn Smith wrote that are not on any other site

Co-write lyrics on this site with the siteowner, get webpage, to contact siteowner............................. email him

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Dennis Ellison                    Indiana      
Photo of Dennis Ellison

David Gordy                        Florida
Photo of David Gordy

James Allen                      Alabama     
Photo of James Allen

J. Gale Kilgore                     Texas     
Photo of J. Gale Kilgore

Clayton Glover               Michigan      
Photo of Clayton Glover

Shayne Vaughan            Kentucky
Photo of Shayne Vaughan

Rob Agostini                    Australia    
Photo of Rob Agostini

   Bobbie Collins                Texas       
Photo of Bobbie Collins

Judy Fink                         Virginia     
Photo of Judy Fink

David Smith                          Texas    
Photo of David Smith

John Green                      England   
Photo of John Green

Roy Helm                          England
Photo of Roy Helm

Arnold Shulman              Michigan
Photo of Arnold Shulman

Dennis Franz                        Florida    
Photo of Dennis Franz

Rick Dennis                     Colorado    
Photo of Rick Dennis

Jerry Teel                        New York  
Photo of Jeriel Teel

Alex Jones                       Australia  
Photo of Alex Jones

S. D. Meese                    New York   
Photo of S. Dee Meese

Buddy Durrett                    Virigina   
Photo of Buddy Durrett

Denis Mitchell                   England    
Photo of Denis Mitchell

Glenn Smith                       Indiana
Photo of Glenn Smith

Songwriters on the page above took song lyrics that were written by site owner Glenn Smith and composed lyrics into over 250 Gospel, Country, Christmas and 911 songs you can listen to on this site are for sale or available to any singer needing new songs to record

Go here to sample some songs we wrote that have won awards for being some of the best new songs on the Internet.. to see other pages that are on my site click here

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