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English songwriter

Roy Helm is songwriter, singer and a composer from England. In my younger days I was in a group which played music of all kinds, I played guitar and sang vocals.

Later, I played an organ in local pubs and I was a DJ for two years, so I've been connected to music all my life. I have been songwriting for many years but have only done so with serious intent over the last four years or so and I do all my demos in my small home recording studio that I set up.

Though I write in all styles, I think most songs would be considered country. I'd like to spend more time songwriting, but I have a spring mfg. business that limits my songwriting.

I also belong to BASCA, (The British Assn. of Song writers, Composers, Arrangers Assn). All songs on page below are short samples, if interested in the entire song, e-mail me on page below.

Below are songs Glenn wrote with Roy, both wrote lyrics and Roy wrote music all songs and lyrics.. copyrighted

Why Do I Dream That Same Old Dream

*Another Lonely Sleepless Night
*Judy Fink co-writer

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