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S. Dee Meese


S. Dee Meese, a songwriter that now lives in Schoharie, New York and he has been involved with music since he was 16 years old. He started out with writing poetry and putting music to his poems, and became a composer.

He belongs to the International Song writers Association and also to the Northeast Country Music Association.

One song "What Side Of Love Are You On" has won two awards in songwriters trailblazer category at a Kings Eagles event that was held in Nashville Tenn, 9/2000. (2) of his songs were recorded at California's Hilltop records studio. They say songs have potential.

Copyrighted song below is song Glenn wrote with S. Dee, both of them wrote lyrics and S. Dee wrote music and sings song

Song short sample, if interested, e-mail me at bottom of page.

The Man I'd Like To BeĀ©

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