Cancer can be cured

The high fiber, lignan in flaxseeds amaze scientists, nutritionists and physicians by preventing certain cancers because medical research has found flax seed use will help protect, slow down digestive and the hormone cancer in breast, prostate, ovarian, colon cancers with flax seeds and test have had positive results because diets rich in fiber have long been a safeguard against colon cancer, has proved flax seed can help breast cancer.

A healthy balance of fiber, fruits and most vegetables are enhanced when high-fiber flax seed is added to the daily eating routine because best way to prevent colon cancer is to keep digestive tract active. The fiber in flax seed help regulate bowel movements and will prevent constipation. Because of insoluble fiber content in flax seed is able to hold water and this helps to soften the stool and allows it to move through the colon quickly and a well-hydrated body is also helpful to keep the digestive tract active and efficient. You must drink more water when you are consuming fiber, these common sense habits are essential to have a prevention based lifestyle will help prevent you getting colon cancer.

Lignans entered limelight about 20 years ago, when medical research found presence in urine, blood, bile, feces of humans and after a preliminary the lab test research found the compounds may be natural cancer prevention agents in a diet and they also discovered not all lignans are created equal: although several thousand lignans have been identified in the plant kingdom few are correlated with chemo protection that will help the body prevent cancer

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