Cure Cancer without medicine

Everyone in medicine has said for a long time that curing Cancer or Aids will be done with the help of pharmaceuticals and while we are not against using a vaccine as answer to cure the virus, we are against the death of millions of people while we wait for answer to come and so far that has been to use anti-retrovirals... which... at best is only good for a short term

Most doctor will tell you that the human body can't respond well to being on antibiotics forever or for long term because body system will start shutting down and will cause long term damage

Challenge of making medicines available in Africa is that 85% of people live in rural areas having no electricity and retro-virals need refrigeration, people there often have to walk miles to a clinic to get medication and time sensitive regimen for medication required isn't practical because the people who need it can't afford it, even if they could get to a clinic.


For thousands of years Flax seed has been found to be a beneficial health food when it is consumed because of the concentrate from the shell is high in lignan which medical research test have found to promote many health benefits to body which include improving the immune system

When people with AIDS and HIV were tested the concentrate 97% of the people had viral loads drop and their CD-4 counts will rize. We now have kids who've been taking concentrate for several years who show no sign of the HIV virus being in their blood at all and doctors don't know what to think!

Communities that use lignans have revived with hope and the lethargy found in small African communities that comes along with a high HIV+ population is replaced with the hope and a new found lease on life. If you can imagine depression you'd have with knowledge you and everyone around you are going to die then the reason to use lignans would change their whole outlook.

Flax hull lignans don't need to be refrigerated or taken on a strict schedule. A jar can sit on the floor of a hut in the heat and the person can just add a scoop to their daily porridge or meal.

The very ill often are found lying on mats in their huts are unable to make journey to a clinic. A little jar of hope is difference between life and death for them. Click here to buy flax seeds online

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