Christmas songs we wrote

Hear MP3 Christmas songs below

 1. Make believe Christmas

 2. Ain't it amazing

 3. Santa will always reign

 4. Santa rides alone

 5. Christmas wishes

 6. A day we celebrate

 7. Santa is shy

 8. I remember Christmas

 9. Christmas days

10 Christmas

11. Bobby's last Christmas

12. Christmas is sad for me

13. Is it Christmas

14. When it's Christmas again

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15. Winter's the time

Songwriters of the songs above

Glenn Smith on all lyrics

Bobbie Collins.. co-wrote 1 - 2

J. Gale Kilgore co-wrote 3 - 12

Alex Jones........... co-wrote 13

Judy Finka...... co-wrote 14 - 15

Christmas lyrics below available for composing if you contact me

The first gift of Christmas

It's a season that's right

Christmas memories

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