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Article below was written by Carrie Ali and printed in December-2021 the bottomline Health newsletter and she said Big Parma is running scared but anyone with aches and pain should be jumping for joy

My 86 year old neighbor had a bad fall and she was on the way to the hospital. Luckily it turned out to be "only" a compression fracture of one of her vertabrrae... but... it could have been much worse

After two nights of observation in the hospital, she was sent home with a stack of prescriptions. To her doctor's credit he spoke to her about risk of opioids, but he still prescribed one for her and he was adamant that she should get it filled right away for her pain.

This is how it begins. Most people are prescribed opoids as a result of an injury. Often it's for wisdom-tooth extraction or sports injury, but the real truth is.. taking any opoid, even for as little as 4 days increases risk of addiction.

Knowing the risk... I told her about CBD research.. that.. it is a plant compound.. that.. medical experts have shared and there are CBD treatments for pain relief, anxiety, seizures and more and they are backed by over 8000 published medical research studies.

They're safer than drugs being prescribed but most doctors don't prescribe CBD medicine and big Pharma, FDA have a lock on what doctors can offer.

I picked up a CBD salve from my natural pharmacy and dropped it off for her to try.

Days later I got another call from my neighbor who said that the CBD salve is good and it works better than a lidocaine patch. The next morning she called again and she said "I have not had any meds since 9PM last night and that the salve was amazing!"

Do you realize how amazing this is? Imagine potential to reduce dependence on opoid pain killers, even if a fraction of the 200 million prescriptions taht most doctors will prescribe each year could be CBD nonaddictive alternative?

That's why if you are not familiar with new "CBD" medicines you should be. CBD is derived from hemp plants. It has no THC.. the part of the cannabis plant that can get you high. Hemp-based CBD is available, legal in all 50 states

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If you have any health condition below that medicine and pills are not relieving... at the botom of list is one item that will give you relief

♦Chronic Pain
♦Anxiety and (SAD)
♦Fear Reaction, Effects
♦Sleep, Insomnia
♦Symptoms of PTSD
♦Cancer pains and
  related symptoms
♦Nausea, Vomiting
♦Chronic Inflammation
♦Nerve Pain
♦Acne & Dry-Skin
♦Multiple Sclerosis
♦Arthritis (Rheumatoid)
♦Migraines, Chronic Headaches
♦Epilepsy Treatment
♦Cigarette Habits
♦Drug (Opioid), Withdrawal
♦Muscle Relaxing,
  Muscle Recovery
♦Heart Health
♦Diabetes, Obesity
♦HIV-1 infection
♦Heroin addiction
♦Osteo Arthritis, Joint,
  and Neuropathic Pain

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