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     Remove sour taste from your
     mouth and restore taste buds

Remove sour taste from mouth or get back your taste buds with 2 items that worked immediately. I underwent treatment for Cancer and have been on feeding tube for over one year because I could not eat solid foods due to taste in my mouth, thanks to 2 items below I think I will be eating again soon.

Juniper berries have a strikingly unusual property: when pulp from berries coat your tongue, every thing that you consume will taste sweet. order Juniper berries

Remedy: Eat four berries first day and add one a day for 12 days which will total 15 berries a day, then decrease 1 berry a day until you get back to 4 a day. Chew berries until they turn into paste, swallow them. 23 day treatment will require 220 berries in totsl

Olive oil will keep your taste buds from drying out and help improve your sense of taste. Additionally, it will help in getting rid of toxins from your mouth.

Remedy: Put one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 10 minutes order Olive oil

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