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CBD helps 31 conditions below
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♦Chronic Pain
♦Anxiety and (SAD)
♦Fear Reaction, Effects
♦Sleep, Insomnia
♦Symptoms of PTSD
♦Cancer Pains,
Related Symptoms
♦Helps with Yoga, Meditation
Fitness and Sports activities
♦Nausea, Vomiting
♦Chronic Inflammation
♦Nerve Pain
♦Acne & Dry-Skin
♦Multiple Sclerosis
♦Arthritis (Rheumatoid)
♦Migraines, Chronic Headaches
♦Epilepsy Treatment
♦Cigarette Habits
♦Drug (Opioid), Withdrawal
♦Muscle Relaxer,
Muscle Recovery
♦Has Neuroprotective Properties
♦Heart Health
♦Risk of Diabetes, Obesity
♦Immunomodulatory Effects
♦HIV-1 infection
♦Heroin addiction
♦Osteo Arthritis, Joint,
and Neuropathic Pain

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