J. Gale Kilgore in picture on page above is a song writer and a recording artist from Texas that learned how to play the guitar in Viet Nam. When he got back here, he played in bars, and cut records.

He had his own TV show in 70's. Many songs still play in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He owns his own record company, and he has songs on a Stardust CD#29, a EH King CD #19, and he also had song on the Western Hearts CD. All songs are short samples, if interested in the entire song e-mail me

Glenn Smith wrote lyrics in songs below and J. Gale Kilgore composed music and sings on songs

Hear 9/11 songs we wrote.. other song writers on the lyrics with Glenn Smith and J. Gale kilgore were *Judy Fink ***Bobbie Collins.. to hear other songs that J. Gale Kilgore and Glenn wrote go here

Make Time For Memories

I'll Leave It Like It Is

Precious Memories

When Our Time Is Done

The Memories I'll Leave

Christmas Wishes

A Day We Celebrate

Santa Is Shy

Walking In Daddy's Shoes

The Ways Of Americans

When You Close Your Eyes

Bobbie's Last Christmas

Our Mind

You Can Always Tell A Loser

God's There When We Call

Signs Of Things To Come

Love Needs No Words

America Will Never Fall

When You Have Love That Is True

Chasing Dreams changed my life

The Trade Center Tragedy

If There Was No America

Santa Rides Alone

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