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Glenn Smith wrote lyics on the page below about memories he had of his family, mom, dad and friends that might be some of the memories you have but can't put your feelings into words

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Mama Taught Me What To Do**

The Best Mom I Could Have

God Made Me A Little Pearl

Little Arms and Eyes**

Inside Of Me

Making Love Can End In Shame

I've Never Had A Greater Love**

The Games That Were Played

We Get Back What We Give

He has Never Known His Child

They All Recall His Name

I'll Keep Waiting For You

Wasn't Important At All

His Love And Concern**

My Dad Was Nobody's Fool

A Parent Has To Sacrifice

When I See His Memories

When A Child Is Abused

Through A Child's Eyes

A Moment Of Pleasure

I Learned Not To Lie

Daddy's Not Alone

Kids Can Be Cruel

One Of A Kind


My Mom


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