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Michael T. Bond who was born 5-24-1970 and he died by commiting suicide 7-5-1996. I truly believe he is up in heaven with God and he is missed by everyone that loved him and by all of those that he touched during his short life. His suicide broke the hearts those he left behind who can't understand why he did it and a son that is having many problems because of his decision.. to see if you are seeing this page as it should be seen go here

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Anyone thinking about commiting suicide to end problems that they are having or that knows someone who is should see blessing they may have that they are not counting that many in world have never had on this page

Read "The times that I'll miss" lyrics I wrote for my son, to hear the lyrics I wrote that are sung as the song click here... another song I wrote about someone commiting suicide that can not be heard on any other site on the internet about what they should have done is "If they had asked for help"

Michael was a son I loved and was proud of, I only wish that I had told him these things more when I could have. It is only when you lose something in your life that you find out what is important. I could have had many more memories, and he would have heard what I had felt if I told him, I loved him more often.

His mother and I divorced before his birth and she remarried again. This is the reason for last his name being Bond. There's so much that I had missed in his life before he died and I have wished many times since he died that I could change the things I did while he was alive.. that.. I didn't do

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In each life, we've sad days or problems that we all have to face. On the day that Michael died, it was one of my sad days. I'd saw him two days before suicide and I got no indication that he had problems. He was same as always, he laughed and joked and he told me, he wanted to start spending more of time with me and was checking out some truck driving jobs in local area where I lived. He had a son he loved in pictures and I can't think of any reasons why he would commit suicide.

Michael was very loving and giving to all those knowing him during his life & liked making people laugh and pulling pranks when he could. He always smiled and he enjoyed a good laugh and he had always appeared to be happy on the outside. He had touched so many during a short life. He had a positive attitude and his strong faith in God. He often said he would like to become a minister and to help others. Like most divorced parents, my personal life conflicted with times we might have spent together. Times he had wanted to come visit me, if I was busy or had plans, he'd said, "I understand".

It's too late to do what I could've done then. God blessed him with good singing voice and the ability to play many instruments. If he'd lived, he'd be here helping me work on this site.

If you took time to read above, I hope it keeps you from making the mistakes with your child I made with mine. If your child should ever reach for you, make sure you listen and reach to grab their hand. Because there is nothing in life that's more important than love to a child.

Some suicide facts

Current Suicide Statistics: For every two homicides in the U.S. there are three suicides. Every hour and 45 minutes another young person commits suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students and the third-leading cause of death among youth overall (ages 15-24). Teen, and youth suicide rates have tripled since 1970.

What a parent needs to know is that suicide is now approaching epidemic proportions, it is currently the third leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States. It is estimated that 300 to 400 teen suicides will occur each year in Los Angeles County; this is equivalent to one teenager lost every day. Evidence indicates for every suicide, they are 50 to 100 attempts at suicide.

Suicide risk factors:

90% of young suicide victims have had at least one diagnosable, active psychiatric illness at time of death which are most often: depression, substance abuse, and conduct disorders. Only 15% of suicide victims were under treatment at time of death.

Between 26% and 33% of adolescent suicide victims have made a previous suicide attempt, and may try it again.

Suicide in youth often occurs after a victim has gotten into trouble or has experienced a recent disappointment or rejection.

Firearms in a home increase risk of youth suicide and 64% of suicide victims 10-24 years old use a firearm to complete the act.

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